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GSE Subjects Tutoring

Our Georgia Standard Education (GSE) Subjects Tutoring Programs are designed to reinforce and enhance the material that our children are learning in school only a few hours before. By focusing on a topic with our skilled teachers after school, students are guaranteed to have a strong foundation and understanding of their topics before moving on to learning more advanced skills.

Subject Areas Offered

Common Core Mathematics

XL Academy's leading teaching resources are available to help your child excel in math. Our programs are tailored to meet individual needs and advancement with mathematical concepts.

Common Core Reading

Our uniquely designed custom enrichment reading courses will stretch our students' minds and help them achieve higher grades.

Academic and corporate success are highly contingent on well-developed reading skills. Students with strong reading skills are better able to absorb information and display better understanding of the subject. Therefore, we believe that reading without comprehending is not really reading. We teach students to make connections between the text and things they already know while they are reading. Our kids acquire strong foundational comprehension skills and strategies that will greatly increase their academic success.

Common Core Writing

This writing workshop permits basic instruction and remediation as well as enrichment. Focus on individual growth while allowing for group work. Intent to develop confidence in students and acknowledge their writing accomplishment.

Here are some highlights of the course:

Computer Science and Coding

Programming is the new math. It stimulates critical thinking and enhances problem solving skills. Our educational courses are tailored towards the learning styles of children for their grade levels. Kids will spend time on computer to do something more productive and learn a valuable skill that offers them a life-long competitive advantage.

Level 1 - Beginner (Grades 3 to 5)

  • Ground 0, explain programming
  • Introduction, fundamentals, hardware, software
  • Write first program, learn about Loops, Conditions, variables kids friendly
  • Try to make Coding Fun

Level 2 - Intermediate (Grade 6 to 8)

  • Introduce HTLML, CSS and Javascript
  • Introduce game developing Android / iOS
  • Choose a project to make it a fun learning experience

Level 3 - Advanced (Grade 8 to 11)

  • Based on College Board, AP Computer Science syllabus for High School
  • Introduce Java in addition to AP school syllabus