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Our Service Offerings

We cater to students' needs in a variety of forms, from group classes to one-on-one tutoring.

Mathematics (Georgia Standard of Education)

Our uniquely designed custom enrichment math courses will stretch our students mind and help them achieve higher grades.

Help young learners build the conceptual understanding needed to tackle more complex mathematical challenges.
Provide rigorous instruction on Georgia Standards of Excellence .
Develop mathematical reasoning through lessons that use real-world problem solving as instruction.
We teach young learners to solve problems hat also require the application of higher-order thinking skills.
Adopt appropriate type and method of teaching for students at various skill levels .

Reading (GSE)

Our uniquely designed custom enrichment reading & writing courses will stretch our students mind and help them achieve higher grades.

Build strong reading comprehension skills with the right balance of informational and literacy text from a wide range of genres.
Promote comprehension skills in emergent readers and provide rigorous instruction on every reading standard in a developmentally appropriate way.
Provide instructions required to meet higher expectations and teach students to become independent, critical thinkers.
Focused on improving Language Fluency Phonetic Awareness, Reading Compression, and Vocabulary skills .
Students learn reading standards in the context of cross-curricular content that includes social students and science themes .
Strengthen students reading skills and help deepen their knowledge in core subject areas.

Writing (GSE)

Our uniquely designed custom enrichment reading & writing courses will stretch our students mind and help them achieve higher grades.

Our writing program helps student organize and articulate their own ideas to become confident, competent writers and thinkers.
In this program, students will learn all types of writing; Argumentative, Informative, Scientific, and Narrative writing.
Participants in this program will also learn about writing structure, correct grammar, review writing strategies, and much more.
We help students learn the techniques to make their work powerful and exciting. The materials used in this program will be aligned to their GSE standards.
We help students experience a feeling of confidence and pride when they turn in their work.

SAT Preparation

We provide specialized and effective small group SAT preparation classes starting from 8th grade to realize students dream colleges.

Our dedicated teachers are specialized and highly experienced in SAT preparation, nurture students to achieve higher scores to enter into their top choice colleges. "Practice Makes Perfect" We get the kids in to a routine of consistent practice of various concepts required for success in SAT test.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is identifying and evaluating evidence to guide decision making. Our critical thinking classes focuses on improving critical thinking skills.

Our critical thinking courses are specially designed to make kids to use in-depth analysis of evidence to make decisions and communicate their beliefs clearly and accurately. Kids with good critical thinking skills produces better grades and higher test scores. Our fun and easy to learn courses makes students to analyze deeper which produces deeper understanding of subject.

Computer Science

Exposing students to computer science in early ages improves their understanding of technology, which makes them not only users of technology but also innovators of next generation technology

XL Academy offers computer science training with strong focus on Programming. We provide age appropriate computer science training which includes valuable concepts of computer programming with comprehensive training for a variety of software applications and key areas like:

Microsoft office - HTML Web design - Python Programming - Java Programming - Computer Architecture - Android Programming - iOS Programming - Fun Programming for young kids


Robots play a major role in space exploration, industry automation, medical research and many other industries. Introducing the basics of robotics to kids widens their understanding of machines and opens new avenues for creativity and innovation.

Robot building offers students a platform for learning areas about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Students learn how science and engineering principles work together to solve real world problems.

We offer following robot building classes for all age groups,
- Lego Mind Storm
- VEX Robotics

Custom Courses

We offer individually tailored courses to meet varying needs of students, whether it is a one-on-one tutoring or special subject tutoring; XL Academy has experienced teachers to help you in any academic subject.

XL Academy will be able to provide the service you need to "Excel your Goals and Achieve". Do you have different need other than our standard offerings? Please contact us we will customize our offerings to meet your need.

- One-one-one tutoring
- Accelerated programs
- Tutoring for Science, Social Studies and Others